We built unself’s entire product, including mobile, server, database, and web components.

unself is working to re-energize volunteering by bringing students, schools, communities and organizations closer together through personalized and intuitive technology applications. Central to the fulfillment of this vision is the role of mobile technology in connecting people interested in doing good. Recently, with the help of Stickbuilt, unself soft-launched a minimum viable product to provide a trusted online and mobile-accessible solution to empower students, schools, and local organizations to work together and increase community ‘do-good’-ness.

The challenge for Stickbuilt was to build a scalable platform from the ground up. From selecting the most relevant technology to use, to database architecture and software design, to implementation and dev ops, unself needed a team that could work to interpret and build their vision as a concrete product that would be exciting both for students and charity organizations to use.

We built the platform using a variety of modern technologies that bridge performance, scalability, and maintainability, focusing on choices that are supported by robust communities of developers to make certain that whoever inherited the project from us would have an easy time of it. Using a modified agile development process and a multi-environment deployment process we delivered the unself platform in phases, allowing stakeholders to use and adjust each feature before it reached the hands of the all-important students.

“Ben and Ian from Stickbuilt have been instrumental in helping unself to develop a tangible product that more than meets the needs of our users. Our product team has looked to them for guidance in all things technical, and regularly leverages their rich experience and talents across the stack. As partners, Stickbuilt has been available, supportive, collaborative, and most importantly objective in the development of our platform.”

—Casey Sande, COO at unself

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