We built ChangeTip’s mobile app, allowing users to share content and send tips from their iPhones.

ChangeTip is helping to link social networks with micropayments, enabling a truly global sharing and appreciation economy. Until this year ChangeTip’s platform has been available as a web-based product, but with the global rise of the smart phone as a preferred way to access online services ChangeTip recognized the need for a mobile application.

The challenge for Stickbuilt was to build an iOS app that brought the rich functionality of the website to a small form factor without feeling clunky or difficult. Further, the app had to enable several features not seen in the web version, such as location-based tipping.

We built the app by working closely with ChangeTip’s back end engineering team and delivering features iteratively for testing and feedback. We leveraged Swift and several libraries to make data management and networking easier to ensure we could spend the time where it was most important: nailing the user experience.

“The Stickbuilt team is both talented and a pleasure to work with. They did an amazing job of managing an aggressive schedule and helped us find creative ways to expedite development during times when we were behind on our deliverables. They delivered a beautifully executed quality app on time and educated me, as a newbie to mobile apps, along the way.”

—Jennifer Sommerville, Head of Productivity at ChangeTip

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